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News for the week of July 9th- 14th

It's been a month since we updated this news page! Why? Well we've been busy moving into our new launchpad, and not to mention I had a baby boy along the way!- Dakota Jakeb Coffman was born on Wenesday, June 27th at 7:45pm- (7lbs 15ounces) - Congrats kid, your Dad's a cartoonist....Run!- Right after that, I had to replace a 120ft of pipe for the drainage system of the house. A 120ft trench, 5 ft deep through tree roots mind you!- Then, my scanner decided to die, and was quickly replaced with a faster, better one. We have list of things that have gone wrong since we've been in the new place, not to mention last Thursday night, the septic line went bad and I had to dig that up too! Last night our friggin washing machine croaked! I mean, how much more could go wrong. It can drive a man to drink! Well, the studio is all back in order and comfortable, after the flooding, so Gravity strips will be flying out of here pronto-like.

Due to all that excitement, we'll be running some classic strips for twelve days, allowing us to catch back up with our usual buffer. New strips featuring Jimbo will resume on Monday the 23rd.

News for the week of June 11th- 17th

IT'S OFFICIAL, GRAVITY IS NOW SYNDICATED!- Gravity has signed with Press Media Group, LLC! They will begin soliciting us in their upcoming brochures/press kits this summer. It will probably be a few months until the process is running smoothly, but this greatly increases the chances of Gravity being in your favorite paper. If you would like to know more about Press Media Group or thier services, or if you'd like info on how to get Gravity in your local paper, please call thier offices in Virginia at 1-434-332-2845 or e-mail the Vice President of Operations, ANN PAGE at - Another great strip they distribute is AFORD TURTLE, look for a special link to it in the upcoming Link-a-verse but for now check it out by clicking HERE!

So I have all this stuff happening at once-- a new baby girl due on the 22nd, a new house where we will be all moved in by the 30th, and now a syndicate deal- Needless to say I am really friggin busy! Look for some new features here at the site, including my new links page, which will do something a little diffrent then just a text blurb for other folks. I hope more people follow our lead. The goal is to not only provide a portal to other neat sites, but to do something creative with it, so the creators or webmasters themselves brag about thier link on the site. If you'd like to be listed in the Link-a-verse, just drop me an e-mail. Space is limited, but we may do a rotating issue of featured links a week or something like that.-

Lastly, thanks for reading the strip. If it weren't for everyone tuning in and e-mail subscribing, Gravity may have fallen by the wayside. You're feedback and participation in the process has greatly helped Gravity reach this platuea. Now let's see how much higher we can go!-

News for the week of June 4th- 10th

TONS OF STUFF GOING ON! First up, June 4th begins our week run at Check that out! Second we may very soon have some exciting news to announce (hint=SYNDICATE), but we have to read over a contract very carefully before officially announcing anything. Keep your eyes peeled, and fingers crossed!- You've probably noticed some signifigant changes to the layout of the main page and the archives- Expect more design pages and all new sections soon. Here's a special peek at the new Step-by-Step section I have been putting together. The finished strip won't be available until the 11th when it releases to the public, but you can still see the process there.

This week is the debut of an ALL-NEW Gravity character! Let us know what you think, your feedback could decide the fate of JIMBO!- If you read my WEBLOG, then you no doubt know that I have recently bought a new home, and I that a new little Coffman is due out of the oven on the 22nd, so things are happening lightning fast around here!- Don't fret though, I'm working long hard hours into the night to make sure Gravity will be available every day, and maybe even soon on Sundays! I'd like to thank all the readers for your support over these past 6 months, if you all were'nt swinging in and e-mail subscribing Gravity probably would have been shelved in June, but instead the strip is blasting off to new levels!- It's good to know we are making some folks smile! More to come soon--

News for the week of May 28- June 3rd

UPDATE- You can now view a sneak peek of our Hotseat Spotlight at Be sure to rate our comic there and post in their message forums if you get a chance! We encourage other cartoonists to take advantage of this resource and spread the word. Cartoonists need more sites like this, so let's give it some hype!

It's been a busy week for me as I prepare to move into my new house. We are restructuring the site as well this week, so be on the lookout for some new features here and a better links page. We're moving far ahead of our deadlines to help me schedule time to do real manly work for the big move. Gravity will also be getting a whole new studio, where hopefully by the end of June I will be writing from. THIS WEEK'S STRIPS- This week is a juicy one- We started out with the whopping Memorial Day strip, and then there's the debut of the Bedbugs, (which may soon be it's own strip) and then on Friday and Saturday, don't miss the debut of the brand spanking new character to Gravity....JIMBO!!! And then be prepared for a whole week next week of nothing but that! It's sure to give you some serious chuckles, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and checking us out!

News for the week of May 21-27th

UPDATE- You can now view a sneak peek of our Hotseat Spotlight at Be sure to rate our comic there and post in their message forums if you get a chance! We encourage other cartoonists to take advantage of this resource and spread the word. Cartoonists need more sites like this, so let's give it some hype!

GRAVITY will be spotlighted on the new website, begining Monday June 4th. Check that out! We'll be the first strip in the "Hotseat" there for a week, so be sure to swing in and say good or bad things!-

We're currently producing our 6th months strips here. Yikes, when you lay down all the strips so far, that's alotta strips!- We cruise on though. This week, it's Letters Week, where your favorite characters answer reader mail. Well sort of, but it's fun, check it out!- We're also doing our best to get some nice mercandise out there for the readers. So we ask you to send us an e-mail , telling us what your favorite strip is. Who knows, it might end up as a deluxe full color shirt!- If you'd like any specific merchandise made, let us know and we'll see what we can do.- Thanks for reading, I gotta get back to work!

News for the week of May14th-20th

Looks like Gravity will be debuting in the Ann Arbor News on Memorial Day, The 28th. We have a doozy of a strip for that launch date! More paper announcements to come soon. For heaven's sake, someone syndicate us already so we don't have to do it all ourselves! ;) We forgot to do a news update last week because we are super busy working on a top secret project that hopefully you will hear more about real soon. I can say that it's more comicbook related then toward comic-strip, but we keep ourselves real busy none the less. Never fear, Gravity will still be here daily! If you're ever wanting to spy on me and want to keep up on what's currently doing in my life and work, be sure to check out my WEBLOG which I update regulary, and may soon change over to my newspage all together seeing as how easy it is to update and such. THIS WEEK IN GRAVITY- This week we thought we'd focus a little on B.O.B., which seems to be a fan favorite --and even though it wasn't planned this way, we dedicate this week of strips to reader, Steve_T, from the message board. Congrats Steve! That's all for this week, thanks for reading, and keep spreading the word about Gravity! Thanks!

News for the week of May1st-6th

We're back from the Pittsburgh Comicon, and the show was great! Be sure to check out BOBS BOOK REVIEWS from the show's best and brightest indy creators. Got to meet a few readers there, and the Gravity CD sold real well for a comicon!- Also met Brad form Greystone Inn and Lee from Chopping block. A couple of swell guys! Comic strips are a hard sell at comic book shows, but people were really enthusiastic about the strips we had displayed. I'm going to be busy updating the site this week-- I'm going to try for a more streamlined main page with the strip as the primary focus. Our e-mail subscribers jumped up about 50-60 notches over the weekend, so thanks to all the new folks checking us out, keep spreading the word. In case you didn't hear already, Gravity has been picked up by The Ann Arbor News. We don't have a set launch date there, but when we do, I'll post it here. We're really cranking away at the strips now, so my time online may be limited but I will keep track of the messages on the forum and by e-mail. Thanks for reading!

news for the week of April 23-29th

First up, BUY OUR CD-- second, Bob and I will be attending the Pittsburgh Comicon this coming weekend, the 27th-29th. Stop by booth S093, The Candida Press booth, to see me inking new Gravity strips as well as get a peek at the Gravity CCD.

Third on my list is a big apology to the readers if the site has been shifty, the folks at Keen are doing all they can to fix the server and move the accounts around. I just logged in today to see that the strip didn't update this morning, but be patient, I'm sure it will be fixed soon. Nothing more I can do then sit and pray for it to run smooth! I've been working hard on new strips and some new website touch ups, so be on the lookout for some new features here. Oh, and if you've read this far, God Bless yah for being a fan! A reminder to post on our message boards-- Talk to you there!



After a week of hard work and ALOT of coffee, the first Gravity CCD is now available. Let me say a few things about it and what I packed in there-- First, it includes 13 weeks of dailies in an easily navigated HTML format that runs in your default web browser. Then I packed in about as much extra stuff I could, including the first appearance of a new character that debuts later this summer. I added bonus strips from the original run two years ago, as well as strips from my previous comic, House Blend that shows some cameo appearances of some Gravity characters. I also snagged a special pin-up from Nate Piekos, two all new interviews with Bob and I by Jack Vance, AND a few goofy strips that show Crafty's original hairstyle!- All of that for 5 bucks! Yep, and what's better, free shipping within the US!!!. Why get the CCD now? Well because in order to free up space on the server, we're going to only keep a two month archive up for online viewing, so soon the old strips will be retired to the CCDs for fans and collectors. Readers can also subscribe to the CCD for a discount rate, which is detailed on the first Disk. This is the first merchandise we have offered here and is totally a grass-roots effort for now. By grabbing one, you are totally supporting the strip and not some screwy corporation feeding off of artists. Ok, so there's the news, and here's the ORDERING INFO and SCREENSHOTS to take a peek at.- I have also uploaded the CCD in a zip file for folks to download now at Thanks in advance for checking that out.



GRAVITY AT WIZARD- Jen Contino from Sequential Tart fame did a fantastic review of Gravity that is now featured at WizardWorld Online. Read it at - Thanks Jen! Oh and a reminder that Gravity Artist, D.J. Coffman will be attending the 2001 Pittsburgh Comicon, April 27-29.

INTERVIEW AT GORILLA MILKSHAKE- Mikey from Gorilla Milkshake was kind enough to do an interview with us, during one of our late night writing sessions. Tune in to to read all the wierdness that spews from our mouth's at 2am!


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