Recently, our well rounded co-writer, Bob, visited THE PITTSBURGH ANNUAL COMIC CONVENTION-2001 APRIL 27th-29th, he met many a talented creator with many an impressive book to review.. this is what he brought back....

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The scene:Monroeville Expomart.The time:Weekend of the 27th.The event:THE comicbook extravaganza of ALL Pennsylvania!And who was there?"GRAVITY" and "YIRMUMAH"-the dynamically creative and hilarious double duo of newspaper/internet cartoon strips &comic books.Ya like "GRAVITY"( you will love "YIRMUMAH"(!Dig "YIRMUMAH"?Then get "GRAVITY"!The hordes of hungry comic book fans DEVOURED all available strips and c.c.d's of "GRAVITY" and repeated the process in kind for "YIRMUMAH".The fans know what the fans want,so get your stuff fore' it's gone!"GRAVITY"(http"//'s,original art & prints,and more!"YIRMUMAH"( "YIRMUMAH" comic book AND "CRACKERS"-laughter will ensue!Wanna know about the other up and comers from the show?Then read on!

*SOMETHING PERFECT*By BECKY CLOONAN- Wow.THIS is a girl & THIS is a title WITH potential.Watch for her.The simple,elegant,powerful,dramatic two-tale of an alienated & yearning youth.This book is black,white,& red all over.Screw high-tech and gloss-this gas powered V-8 runs JUST fine.Find this book-get it-NOW!!Creative panel usageand darn good pencils.Cloonan-if you're listening-keep creating.You are on your way.


Note to corporate comics-and you know who you are.Find this man AND kill him.He is here to bring you down.This is good stuff.Me likey.I can't do this work justice or clarification in description.Basically,boy goes biking.Bike kicks boys butt.Boy can't feel butt.EVER.Boy creates books that get YOU off YOUR butt.Find-buy-enjoy.

*LOVED & LOST*By KIMBERLY For only her 2nd book Ms.Brayton shows a potential of depth rarely seen in comics today.Some would confuse her tale of love lost-love searched for-love regained as "hearts and flowers"-but it's more.If you've experienced anything worthwhile in this life that resulted in your hearty being ripped apart,than Ms.Brayton has the writing talent to let you feel yourself there just one more time.This lady has a potential-keep an eye on this AND her future work.

*PULP STORIES QUARTERLY*By DORANTES,JULIANO,& Now this is different. It's exactly what the title says it is! A small & worthwhile collection of printed short stories-brief but viable use of art-& you get a genre that isn't presented to you everyday.Interesting ideas-put together quite well-it's a definitely refreshing change. Note to comicbook fans who are used to only one mainstream thing-open your eyes and give this a shot.

*MAJOR MOGUL*By FRANK PARR,GORDON SEYLER,SIMEON WILKINS-Newbreed comix 1566 Sycamore Wyandotte,MI 48192 Oh yes,THIS I liked. MAJOR MOGUL is something a LOT of comics are'nt anymore-fun. I read the 1st issue of a Detroit race car driver & his mixups with the local supervillain scene-and I actually smiled & laughed out loud. Good writing-funny references-great taste in cars.Give these guys a chance-pick up an issue or two. Can't wait to see more.

*HIGH OCTANE*By R.A.VANDONGEN,J.R. with assists from MIKE DEEZ & STONE & TEE HEE-HIGH OCTANE .......and the Lord said,Let there be an exceptional comic with humor AND art at a low,low,price. And let it be....HIGH OCTANE!!"Yes,this is going in the "keeper" box. Here's a taste:The's a bounty hunter...Dirge.There are costumed freaks who desire Dirge dead...awesome.When you see a spandexed bad guy with fake antennae sticking out of his ears AND he uses the phrase,"..give me all yer cash or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your a*$$"-then you've found something worth reading.You WILL laugh and THEN you will want to have this guy tattoo his art on you.Trust me.Get in contact.Buy the books.HIGH OCTANE is a vehicle with a future-loved it.

*MIDGARD COMICS*By KEITH&SHAWN&DEAN-MIDGARD COMICS- All hail the mighty Norse gods! Valhalla reigns again!This time though,they own a bookshop,a bar,and a frat house.Can't wrap your mind around that?You will.Books #1&#2 of Midgard Comics are something out of left field-and they're comin' on home!Keep up with this title and see if they take it all the way.Well worth a look-take a peak.

*THE ADVENTURES OF RAYMOND CHILDE*By DAVE&BRAD SAMUELSON-SONS OF SAM - Two brothers-their first comic-a collection of paper,ink,and ideas that have the possibility of possibility.An interesting intro story of Raymond Childe-paranormal investigator and his dealings with a problem-satan.I was impressed with several aspects of the brothers work.I especially liked the look of the lead character and the pacing of the text.Keep with it,brothers.And readers of this review-help them keep with it.Take a gander at their site and buy a book.It just might be a worthwhile investment.

*CHRONICLES OF THE SEA DRAGON*By RICHARD WHITE<BILL BRYAN-NIGHTWOLF - Huzzah,huzzah!!Set sail for adventure on board the Sea Dragon!!A finely penciled and accurately dialogued epis set in a place and time of fantasy-which happens to look a lot loke the 17th century.pirates,ships,treasure,elves,and lizardman.Blackbeard would'nt have lasted 5 minutes with this crew-at best.I like what White and Bryan have done with a classic idea of adventure and exotic locale.If ya like pirates or elves or fantasy adventure or pure swashbuckling-then you'll like this.Pick it up-I think you'll dig it.

*YIRMUMAH* By D.J.COFFMAN -EFHU COMICS- -You MUST read this!!I laughed so hard that milk ran out of my nose-and I haven't had milk since 1992!The inane,insane & gloriously hilarious story of Drew Price-an aspiring comic book artist tormented by the vodka swilling ghost of Jack Kirby-and don't forget Bob!D.J Coffman IS the damnation of all in the comic biz who skate by on mediocrity and conventional thinking!This book features the renowned artistic stylings of D.J Coffman and the funniest dialogue available ANYWHERE today.Is this stuff disturbed?Oh yeah.Worth a look?DEFINITELY.Get it,buy it,love it!This is the best of the best!

*CRACKURZ*By JAMES READY-CANDIDA -Do you like talking parakeets? Humor? How bout' talking funny parakeets AND wankin? Yeah? Well buddy,this book is for you! Combine the almighty artistic talent of D.J Coffman & the outlandish humor creations of James Patrick and what do you get? Something VERY worth buying. DON'T pass it up.

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By the way, if you'd like Bob to review your book in his upcoming weekly review in detail, send him a copy of what you want him to review to : Bob McDeavitt, PO BOX 275 - Connellsville, PA 15425

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